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Experience the newest concept in aircraft interior refurbishment. Plane Spa has developed a mobile response unit that is specifically designed and equipped to travel to the aircraft and go straight to work on your project.   We will work with you and your schedule to refurbish your interior, on-site, in the most time efficient manner possible.

On-site means on your schedule!
When we talk about Plane Spa’s customized services, we don’t mean just the work itself. We also mean how that work is accomplished. From minor repairs to complete interior makeovers, our expert technicians come to your site and complete all work without your having to move your plane. Sometimes we’ll remove certain components, such as seating and cabin structures, and take them to an off-site service facility, but your plane never leaves its location.

The convenience of on-site repair and refurbishment work can’t be overstated. Most of our clients are too busy to be worrying about relocating their valuable (and expensive-to-operate) aircraft. Our objective is simple: take advantage of your aircraft’s downtime by handling all interior-refurbishment tasks on-site, and save you time and money.

Your aircraft, your time!
aircraft repairPlane Spa stands for highly crafted, professional work and convenience. You probably never thought your downtime or a few days’ lapse in your flight schedule could be productive, but with us as your partner, it will be! If your aircraft is parked for several days during a trip or grounded for routine maintenance—no matter where it is—it’s the perfect time to call Plane Spa and get the job done.

What, exactly, can we do at your site? Go over to our main Interior Refurbishment page and learn the details about everything from partial and complete interior modification to fire blocking, soundproofing, plating and finding those hard-to-find components.

We’ve built our reputation on understanding our clients' needs and a total commitment to total customer satisfaction. Providing on-site services is just one way we save you time and money and get you flying first-class, no matter where you’re going.

Plane Spa—We Work On-site to Minimize Your Downtime!

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